Welcome to our research group.It belong to the National Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning , Beijing Normal university, China. We use fMRI/MRI ,combined with cognitive-behavior experimental techniques to address the following questions: whats the neurobasis of Language, how language experience and language learning modulate brain structure and function. Bilingualism , sign-language users (including deaf people and hearing people), and dyslexics compose our interest population .At present, this team include five members : Ding Guosheng( professor ), Li Le, Liu Lanfang (doctor ), Feng Xiaoxia, Li Hehui, Ang Chen (postgraduates).

Human brain is the most sophisticated structure in the world, while language activity is the important marker that distinguish human being from animals.How do various language activities realize in the human brain remains unclear. Based on the research on bilinguals and sign-language users, we aim to explore the neurobasis of language processing for different modality and form , as well as how different language experience impacts brain anatomy and function.Besides, we also concern the neuro-defects of children with reading disabilities, especially the specific difficulty in English reading and the corresponding mechanism of native Chinese children? We hope our job could provide some suggestion and inspiration for the teaching and learning of first language and second language.

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